Bike Fitting

With over 15 years experience we have successfully fitted a very broad range of cyclistsSteve Hogg approved:

  • professional cyclists
  • long distance cyclists
  • cyclists with chronic or acute injuries
  • touring cyclists
  • new cyclists
  • custom bikes

The Fitting Process

We start the session with an in-depth discussion with you about your riding: your history, your goals, and any problems you are having.

The rider foot-bike interface is critical to bike fit. We focus a significiant amount of time on sorting out your cleat position so the cleat is correct front/back and side to side; and also with the appropriate twist so your foot is in the centre of your pedal’s float. If necessary we will use wedges to correct the cant of your foot, and shims to correct structural or functional leg length discrepancies. Generally, wedging & shimming your cleats is a much more effective way of correcting alignment & leg length problems than using an insole or an orthotic.

Next we work with you on your bike in a stationary trainer to get the following correct:

  • saddle height
  • saddle tilt
  • saddle fore/aft
  • reach (we have a wide variety of different stems to shorten you up or lengthen you on your bike)
  • saddle to handlebar drop
  • handlebar tilt
  • lever positioning (and positioning of any aerobars)

If your bike cannot be made to fit you, we will tell you at the outset (& we won’t charge you) – don’t worry, this has only happened a couple of times. We can also advise on what bike would fit you better.

At the end of the process you will have a sheet giving all the details of your new position. If you like you can reproduce this across any other bikes you may have – alternatively we are happy to do this.

Fitting is very much a process rather than a single intervention, and so the cost of fitting includes any follow-ups which are necessary within the first 3 months

Please bring your bike, shoes (should be nice & stiff & very well fitting), a water bottle and summer weight cycling clothes (including shorts – we need to see your knees!)

Nuts & Bolts

  • Appointments: We do fittings on Monday-Thursday, and (for an additional fee) Saturdays. We will do our best to find an appointment that suits you as soon as possible – although in the summer we usually have a bit of a leadtime
  • Duration: A bike fitting takes around 6 hours and occasionally longer (allow around an hour extra for aerobars)
  • Cost: £350 (this includes setting up a single bike & a pair of shoes with cleats, it also includes any necessary follow-ups within 3 months). If your bike has aero bars, or you would like them added, the additional cost is £65 (and allow another hour for the setup).
  • Cleat set-up alone (for people who have previously had a fitting): £85
  • Fitting excl. cleats: £199 (for example if you prefer to use flat pedals or clips and straps)
  • Setting up 2nd bike: £85 (road or mountain bike), £125 (TT bike)

Selle SMP Saddles

These Italian saddles have been designed to enable better blood flow and therefore be much more comfortable. This is particularly noticeable over longer rides and in an aerodynamic position. They are particularly good for triathletes and longer distance riders. In addition, they have long rails which allows more fore-aft adjustment, and if you crash them or wear them out, they can be re-covered.

However, they aren’t very cheap, and so we have a selection from the range available as test saddles. Give us a call to discuss which ones might suit you and we will arrange for you to borrow one so you can try it out.

We keep the following as test saddles:

  • Selle SMP Drakon
  • Selle SMP Dynamic
  • Selle SMP Lite 209
  • Selle SMP Nymber
  • Selle SMP Plus
  • Selle SMP Avant